Beverly Hills Precinct

City of Beverly Hills, Missouri

The City of Beverly Hills, Missouri is located in Mid St. Louis County, just south of the intersection of Natural Bridge Road and Lucas & Hunt Road.

The City of Beverly Hills has a small town feel with it’s City Streets and old world architecture.  During the peaks of the area’s population, Beverly Hills attracted families to to make it their home.  With a major roadway of Natural Bridge and local shopping nearby, Beverly Hills continues to be an excellent community where Citizens and Elected Officials partner together to make the area stronger.  

The City of Beverly Hills was founded in 1933.  

Lt. Phillip QUinn

  • Lt. Quinn has nineteen (19) years of police experience and has been with the NCPC for six (6) years. 
  • Lt. Quinn is the Precinct Commander for the NCPC’s Hanley Hills and Beverly Hills Precincts. Lt. Quinn is also the NCPC’s Court Security Coordinator.
  • Lt. Quinn’s prior police commission was with the Moline Acres (MO) Police Department 
  • Lt. Quinn was named the 2014 Officer of the Year (LETSAC) and has received numerous letters and certificates of appreciation.
  • When asked about the concept of the North County Police Cooperative, Lt. Quinn said, “It’s an honor and a privilege to work with the North County Police Cooperative. I am enormously proud to be a part of this leadership team and I whole heartedly love the communities we serve.”