Velda Village Hills Precinct

Velda Village Hills, Missouri

The City of Velda Village Hills, Missouri is located in Mid St. Louis County, about 15 minutes northwest of Downtown St. Louis via Interstate 70. Settled south of Natural Bridge road neighboring Pine Lawn and Uplands Park. The quiet streets and unique architecture give the City an old world feel to the area.  

The City of Velda Village Hills was incorporated in 1945

Lt. Etheria THompson

  • Lt. Thompson has twenty-eight (28) years of police experience and has been with the NCPC for one (1) year. 
  • Lt. Thompson is the Precinct Commander for the NCPC’s Wellston Precinct,  Velda Village Hills Precinct and is the Bureau of Field Operations (BFO) Commander.
  • Lt. Thompson’s prior police commissions were with the Beverly Hills (MO) and Velda City (MO) Police Departments. Lt. Thompson was also an International Police Advisor serving with the United Nations – European Union. 
  • Lt. Thompson has received numerous awards and letters of appreciation during his career. 
  • When asked about the concept of the North County Police Cooperative, Lt. Thompson said, “The one GREAT thing our organization is doing is changing the perception that citizens have about law enforcement. We are changing that landscape as we speak.”