Traffic Division

Making Roads Safer

Our traffic unit is one of our highly visible units within the North County Police Cooperative. The traffic unit’s main function is to ensure the communities are safe by enforcing traffic laws within the communities we serve. Our traffic unit spends time in each community enforcing areas of concern that have been expressed to us by our Mayors, citizens or the community partners. We encourage our citizens to reach out to us to point out these areas of concern so that we can ensure the roadway safety of the communities.

Believe it or not, the traffic unit is not just about writing tickets. The traffic unit is the main part of our community policing initiative. They work special events such as school graduations, parades, sporting events, and funeral escorts to ensure safety is the highest priority at these events. As you can see the traffic unit is not just there to write tickets. They are committed to promoting safety throughout the North County Police Cooperatives communities. 

Lt. Mark Brown

  • Lt. Brown has forty (40) years of police experience and has been with the NCPC for six (6) years. 
  • Lt. Brown is the Commander of the Auxiliary & Traffic Unit for the NCPC and serves as a lead investigator in the BCI Division.
  • Lt. Brown’s prior police commissions were with the Lincoln County (MO) Sheriff’s Department  and Montgomery County (MO) Sheriff’s Department, as well as the Vinita Park (MO) Police Department.  ​Lt. Brown has received numerous awards and letters of appreciation during his career.
  • When asked about the concept of the North County Police Cooperative, Lt. Brown said, “I believe numerous law enforcement organizations are striving to do what we have been doing for 6 years.”

Report a Traffic Concern Below

Please fill out this form for traffic concerns. They will be sent to the appropriate divisions to be addressed. This concern can be annyomous.
Please provide a location. If possible use intesections or exact numerics.
If there is a specific vehicle concern please include any descriptions or license plate numbers if possible.