City of Flordell Hills Precinct

Flordell Hills, Missouri

Located in north central St. Louis county, Flordell Hills was established in 1946 with over 800 residents.
Before Flordell Hills was built in 1939, the area consisted of St. Ann Dairy Farms with corn fields, orchards, chicken houses, barns and buildings for cattle scattered throughout. A creek running under our area going out over Jennings Station Road, ran parallel to West Florissant and College where there was a foot bridge.
Norm Schuermann and Co. initiated construction of our homes in 1939, starting at Greenhaven. They came in three sizes selling for approximately $3,000 to $3,350. Some say the basements were dug out by mule teams and others remember tractors with metal wheels being used. We now have 360 homes and a population of approximately 950. Mr. Schuermann also agreed to enclose the ditch at Greendale Park (now Greenhaven) if we secured enough insurance policies from our residents for his insurance business. We got the policies and park too. The Improvement Association used the rocks from the ditch construction and formed the entrance columns on Greendale Drive.

Major Ron Martin

  • Major Martin has been a law enforcement officer since 2000 and has been with the NCPC since 2016.
  • Major Martin is the Assistant Chief of Police for the NCPC, and his roles include oversight of the daily operations of the Department’s investigative components, to include the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) and the Special Enforcement Division (SED). In addition, Major Martin is the Department’s PIO, Social Media Coordinator, Federal E-Share Coordinator and Crime Analysis Coordinator.
  • Major Martin is the Precinct Commander for the NCPC’s Uplands Park Precinct.
  • Major Martin’s prior police commissions were with the Ferguson (MO) Police Department, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (MO), and the Nevada Highway Patrol (NV), as well as a Law Enforcement Professional contracted through the United States Army’s Criminal Investigation Command.
  • Major Martin has received numerous awards and letters of appreciation during his career.
  • When asked about the concept of the North County Police Cooperative, Major Martin said, “There is no law enforcement organization across the nation that could fathom what the NCPC has accomplished in the 6 years we have been here. Every person who has been or is a part of the organization has helped make it successful.