CPL. Corey Hawkins-Byrd

  • Officer Hawkins-Byrd has four (4) years of police experience and has been with the NCPC for three (3) years. 
  • Officer Hawkins-Byrd is the NCPC Community Engagement Officer.
  • Officer Hawkins-Byrd’s prior police commission was with the Normandy Police Department.  
  • Officer Hawkins-Byrd has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. 
  • Officer Hawkins-Byrd was the NCPC Officer of the Month in 2019 and has received several letters of appreciation during his career. 
  • When asked about the concept of the North County Police Cooperative, Officer Hawkins-Byrd said, “The CO-OP is like a family bond, and we genuinely care about our citizens. The communities are awesome with assisting us and wanting to know the officers. They are a huge asset to our Department because without them we would not be as successful.”

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Vacation Check

Below you will find our Vacation Check form.  This will advise the NCPC if you plan to be out of town or away.  This can provide you with peace of mind that your residence will be checked by patrol during the shifts.  Every effort will be made to ensure your property is secure during all the shifts.  

Vacation Check
Please fill out this form to have your property checked during a time you will be out of town or away. Every effort will be made to ensure your listed property will be checked during all shifts.
List the date you will be leaving
List the date you will be returning
Please list any persons with whom you have given permission to be at your residence while you are away. List a description of thier vehicles if known. This will assist us in checking your residence throughout the time you are away.