Pine Lawn Precinct

City of Pine Lawn, Missouri

The City of Pine Lawn, Missouri is located in Mid St Louis County, about 15 minutes northwest from Downtown St Louis. Important roads for the community are Natural Bridge Road, Edgewood Ave, Avondale Ave , Stratford Ave, Kennewah Ave, Jennings Station Road and Interstate 70. The City of Pine Lawn was officially incorporated in 1947. The population of Pine Lawn was 3,275 residents in 2010.

Like other neighboring communities, Pine Lawn saw it’s peak of business and population in the 1950’s.  Through all the struggles, the Citizens of Pine Lawn remain resilient and endeavor to move forward and grow.  

Lt. Lynn Woodard

  • Lt. Woodard has eleven (11) years of police experience and has been with the NCPC for three (3) years. Lt. Woodard is a United States Marine Corp veteran. 
  • Lt. Woodard is the Precinct Commander for the NCPC’s Pine Lawn Precinct. Lt. Woodard is also the NCPC’s Emergency Management Coordinator.
  • Lt. Woodard’s prior police commissions were with the Kansas City (MO) Airport, Clark (MO), Sturgeon (MO) and Winfield (MO) Police Departments. 
  • Lt. Woodard has been named the NCPC Officer of the Month twice and has received numerous letters and certificates of appreciation.
  • When asked about the concept of the North County Police Cooperative, Lt. Woodard said, “The North County Police Cooperative has greatly reduced violent crime in all of the municipalities that we patrol because the citizens are incredibly involved with our communities.”